Try an Exciting Custom Cocktail in Binghamton, NY

We make every drink with fresh ingredients

When you're looking for a new favorite drink, come to PS Restaurant in Binghamton, NY. Our custom cocktails offer a special blend of flavors and cultures. Plus, we keep our menu fresh by using seasonal ingredients.

With each handcrafted cocktail, we strive to offer the best flavor profile possible. Whichever cocktail you order, it's sure to be unique.

Try one of our custom cocktails for yourself by stopping by our restaurant tonight.

Sample wine from all over the world

Along with our cocktails, you can also pair your meal with one of our global wines. We pick our wines from some of the finest wine regions in:

Spain | France | Italy | Germany

We choose each wine based on how well it complements our dishes, so you can always find the perfect pairing on our menu. Explore our global wine menu today.